"Being fat carries with it a lot of cultural baggage. At the same time, fat people, especially fat women, are supposed to pretend we don’t exist or that we’re not fat. I can’t count the number of times thin people have made reference to fat people or fatness in a negative or joking way in front of me, from the petite woman sitting next to me at the coffee shop complaining about fat people on airplanes, to my friends who routinely make jokes about their “inner fat kids” coming out when they eat a lot, to the women in my family who compete to see who can look the thinnest in family photos. Sometimes it feels like I’m not even there, or that I’m not supposed to be. - Lisa C. Knisely"

Etta James- Stormy Weather is the sad black girl theme song. 


of all the folks griping about my critique on afropunk and the photography of it, how many are fat or plus sized? if yall aren’t then this is similar to when white people argue that there isn’t racism in certain situations. 

you don’t tell big girls when shit is ok unless perhaps you’re another big girl.


Currently having my first mild allergic reaction to strawberries at work. #happyfriday